Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Letter to Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,
I've known you all through college. You were my first college friend. You always have it so together, even when you don't. You don't let other people's bullshit and drama get to you, but you do your own thing. I miss freshman year when we all would hang out and bitch about my roommate, or watch Animal Planet because I had the TV, and Kate was never there. We had the best prank wars going on. We put ALL of Phoebe's shoes in the ceiling. In. The. Ceiling. She didn't find her boots until near the end of the year. I remember I took Fatso and sent you a ransom text of him in my fridge. I could hear you yell from your room. It was hilarious. Also, you and Nicole wrapped me to my bed while I was sleeping. That was MY idea, and I still found it hilarious.

Then sophomore year we got to live together. That was awesome. I got to hate on Tyler, you threw stuff at him when he wouldn't let you(us) sleep. There were multiple threats of phone-into-river-throwing. :] I never regretted living with you. I built you that ship when you were gone one weekend. That was a fun time!

Junior year you moved off campus, and I started to see less of you. I mean we'd still have classes together so it wasn't so bad. I loved your house. The ruggers were a nice bunch of girls and I always felt welcome there. You got that adorable cat too! And had to flea bomb your house numerous times. The summer following we both applied for the same job on the school farm. You got it and I didn't. I was so devastated, I don't think you ever knew. I loved you, and wanted to be happy you got a job, but I was so mad I didn't get it. I started to hate you a little bit. It was a bit of love-hate. The kind you have with family.

This year you moved again, and first semester I had a class with you everyday! What joy. I had missed you over the summer. Jealousy still happened when you'd go to the farm with A or C or S. We kind of don't run in the same circles anymore. Sometimes I just feel like you don't need to be friends with me, you just ARE for some reason.

Anyways, that's just a very abridged take on our 4 year friendship.