Sunday, June 19, 2011

~Falling~ Asleep

We've all had the weird experience when trying to fall asleep where you suddenly feel like you're falling, you twitch and have to start trying to sleep again. But have you ever wondered what it was, or why it happens?
This phenomenon is called a hypnagogic myoclonic twitch, or a hypnic jerk. According to the Mayo clinic, a nonprofit medical research group, around 70% of people experience this. From what I've read, I haven't found any definite reason for the twitch, but instead a few theories. One theory that resonates most with my biology background is the one in which your body, in its attempt to relax and prepare for rest, begins to relax its muscles. When these muscles go slack, your brain misinterprets it as a signal that you're falling. The accompanying twitch is your brain trying to compensate from you 'falling'. It's almost like a knee-jerk reaction. It's nice to know that my brain looks out for me. :3

For more info: Click here or here.

Oh followers, I have slacked!

AS you can probably tell, it's been awhile since I've shared some nouns, verbs and adjectives with the world here. I could tell you it's because I had super-awesome-important-world-and/or-life-saving to do, but in reality, I just forgot about it. *insert sadface*

Moving on to our next order of business:
   This blog doesn't really have much of a focus. It started out with interesting and neat things that occurred during my freshman year in college. Eventually it sort of fell apart, as I got distracted by other things. Shameful really. And now that it's summer, I have no new college-y bits to tickle your brains. I have to just make up interesting things on the fly for you :O
                       What I'm saying here is: What do you the people want to read about?

        Do you want to hear things that are on my mind? Silly observations? Interesting bits about the universe? Book reviews? TV and movie reviews? Leave me some feedback, I'd love to hear from you :3

Now that I've made a completely boring post, I'll leave you to soak that up, and I might even follow it up with a silly-observation post. Good night, and may the mass*acceleration be with you always.