Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summer Jobs

So recently I've been trying to find a job for the summer. I'm really excited, because I've been looking in to possibly going out west somewhere and working on a ranch or a resort. I found this pretty decent site for looking up different places, and it's called CoolWorks.com. I've spent a few hours perusing it, and I've applied to a few places in Colorado, Montana, and the like. A lot of these places have horses[huge bonus] and also have free room and board, and will pick you up at an airport or bus station. I feel like this would be a great way to get out and see some more of the country while working hard, and making some money. I really hope to hear back from someone about it.

However, I know that I might not be able to go and work out west, so I've also been looking for work around Auburn/Lewiston. I'm really not too picky about what I do, as long as I can do it. I really hate not being good at what I do, and it makes me less motivated to work. I think that's what happened last summer. >.< If I have to stay in Auburn for the summer, I'd like to work with animals of some sort, perhaps at a pet store, or as a painter, because that's another thing I actually enjoy doing. I guess I'm an oddball sort of person. I enjoy many things, and can be happy with almost anything.

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