Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

Was it sacrilegious to stab an angel with a cross? Perhaps it was, but Laetho could really care less. Gabriel was being an unbelievable douche and today was the day to put his foot down.

“Let me in Gabriel, or I swear to Almighty that I’ll make sure you get transferred to the basement!” Gabe was always like this, playing jokes on all the other angels and for some reason, he was STILL God’s favorite. Laetho had been working his wings off for eons and still had to shuffle scrolls to make ends meet.  Life was never fair to anyone with a dipthong in their name, he thought. With a huff Laetho grabbed up his spilled scrolls and papers and elbowed his way past the nuisance angel.
"Hey bro, calm down. Where's the fire?" Gabe chortled. He loved Hell jokes. And he loved torturing Laetho. Today couldn't possibly go wrong.
Laetho had his arms full of new invoices and was having massive troubles opening the Almight Door. With one knee holding up the majority of the pile in his arms, he managed to grab hold of the knob, only to find that it was covered in....cherub sweat.
"UGH! GABRIEL!" he yelled. Laetho dumped his not so precious cargo on the floor and turned[whipped around] to face the hellacious angel. Gabe was just barely trying to hold back a full force laugh attack. His face was red, and he had a grin in his face that Laetho yearned to smack off. Just behind him on a stand was a jar of cherub sweat with the cap sitting askew atop it. If it were possibly for smoke to pour out of every orifice of Laetho in anger, it would be happening. That's when Gabe knew that he may have been tap dancing on this disgruntled angel's last nerve.  He turned to make his hasty escape, but apparently when angels are pissed, they become a helluva lot quicker. He felt a strong hand on his collar, and a menacing growl in his ear. "I swear. If you ever do this again, I will *personally* see to it that you are given Hermes duty. You remember what happened to the last guy with that job, right?"

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