Sunday, November 24, 2013

I remember.

I remember always enjoying the fact that your best friend's name was Brooke too. I remember you were down to earth, funny and kind. I remember going over to your house, and you showed me your turkey feathers. I think it was from the first one you ever shot. You were a wonderful person, and I can't think of a single person that didn't like you.

I remember being in yearbook with you. It was a fun class, and you and Brooke, and Magenta and I, we always goofed off, but got our work done. I think the videos that you and Brooke made of you two lip-syncing in front of Magenta and I are still around, probably on facebook. I remember the senior bonfire, where we danced because Rob didn't want to. We laughed, and had fun celebrating high school together.

I remember the senior show we were in together. 30 Reasons Not to be in a Play. So funny. The entire cast was great, and you were a part of that. Going back through pictures from high school, I remember how fun, and happy you always were.

College came. You went to Husson, I went to UMO. We weren't terribly far from each other, but I didn't drive then. I remember taking a bus to Husson to see you when we were freshmen. I think it was the first and last time I was on the Husson campus. Since then, we really didn't chat much. I always figured there would be another time. I guess not.

I remember finding out you were gone. Even though I hadn't talked to you in ages, it still hit me hard. How could such a thing happen to such a good, kind, sweet person like you? I was in disbelief. That sort of thing couldn't happen to someone I knew. Every time I see your picture, it twists the knife in my heart, and I remember that I'll never get to see you at our class reunion. I'll never get to see pictures of your graduation on facebook, nor pictures of your future kids. Yours was a life cut too short.

Consequently, I want people to remember who you were, and how you were a beacon of light in every life you touched. I want people to remember to try to stay in touch with people in your life, because you never really know how much time you or they have left. And I want people to remember.

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